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Don’t let financial worry prevent you from getting the medical care that you need.

After an injury (such as a work injury or auto accident), you may be hesitant to seek medical care due to the expected cost. Fortunately, our medical team works on a lien basis, which means that we are able to provide treatment while allowing you to pay the costs later, once you have been awarded in your personal injury case.

About Liens

Liens are a valuable system for injured patients. If another party was negligent or otherwise responsible for your injury, they may also be responsible for bills that you incur. Unfortunately, the process of getting a settlement can take weeks or months, and most patients cannot wait that long to be treated. With a lien, our physicians are not compensated until your case has been settled.

Scheduling & Billing

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment when you need to be evaluated after an injury. A lien-based evaluation will not affect your ability to be seen as soon as possible. Once your settlement has been reached, your attorney will pay the medical bills from the proceeds following a contract. This system eliminates the worry of needing medical care and the stress that often comes with unpaid bills. Our costs are always consistent with your best interests.

Expert Witnesses

In addition to providing medical care, our medical professionals are also prepared to be expert witnesses when needed. We speak with confidence about personal injury cases and can answer any questions that the attorneys in your case have.

Avoid the stress and potential liability of allowing your injuries to worsen after an accident, and seek care from our compassionate and caring team. Contact us today to find out how our lien-based personal injury services can help you.

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