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Los Angeles residents take approximately 7,500 steps per day on average. This level of activity puts a great deal of stress on the ankles and feet. As a result, it should come as no surprise that many people will go through some form of foot or ankle trauma during the course of their lives, ranging from heel pain to bunions and complex fractures. If you should find yourself needing foot or ankle surgery, you are likely already looking for the best foot and ankle surgeon in Los Angeles so that you receive the very best care and experience the least amount of downtime.

Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeons and Podiatrists

Due to their training, foot and ankle surgeons can care for a broad range of foot and ankle issues and also have quite a bit of knowledge of the human anatomy and how it relates to lower extremity problems. Although pain may originate in your foot, the root cause may actually be found in your back or hips. If you are looking for the best foot and ankle surgeon in Los Angeles, you want someone who possesses comprehensive knowledge of the body’s musculoskeletal system.

When you are searching for the best foot and ankle surgeon in Los Angeles, you will also want someone who is familiar with the most common forms of foot and ankle surgeries and has a good deal of experience in this area.




Metatarsal Surgery

Each foot has five metatarsal bones located behind each toe. The first metatarsal, or big toe, has the highest rate of surgery among the five metatarsal bones. It is most commonly used to correct a type of bunion deformity. Surgeries involving the second, third, or fourth metatarsal bones are typically for correcting painful calluses that can sometimes form under the foot or ulcers on the ball of the foot.

The surgery involves cutting the metatarsal bone, usually all the way through. The doctor will then hold the bone in the correct position using a metal screw or pen. The patient can be placed in a cast after the surgery or use crutches for a few weeks. It normally takes about two months for complete healing of the bone. Stitches can be removed in as little as two weeks

Bottom Line

To ensure that you are choosing the very best foot and ankle surgeon in Los Angeles, you should first make sure that your prospective surgeon has experience in performing the procedure that you require. Next, make sure that he is board certified, and has a good reputation with patients.

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