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Roughly 75 percent of all Americans will experience foot-related health problems at least once during their lifetime. While some of these potential issues, such as athlete’s foot, are fairly minor and usually manageable with self-care, there are other foot and ankle conditions that may have you seeking treatment from the best foot and ankle doctor in Los Angeles for your specific needs. Take a moment to consider four of the most common reasons why you may be referred to this type of specialist.

You Have Persistent Foot/Ankle Pain

One of the most common reasons to seek out the best foot and ankle doctor in Los Angeles is because of some degree of foot and/or ankle pain. With ankles, sprains, Achilles tendinitis, stress or avulsion fractures, and ankle joint inflammation (bursitis) are some of the common culprits when pain is experienced. Underlying conditions like gout and osteoarthritis can also contribute to ankle pain. The various structures within feet are just as susceptible to injury and damage from underlying health issues. Foot-related discomfort may be related to

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Circulation issues
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Corns and calluses
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Serious foot infections that aren’t healing well



You Have a Visible Deformity

Bunions, hammertoe, and mallet toe are some of the more commonly occurring deformities that may affect feet. Children with clubfeet are sometimes evaluated by a foot and ankle doctor to determine if corrective treatment may be necessary. Flatfeet can also contribute to foot and ankle deformities over time. If you have this type of deformity, you may benefit from therapeutic exercises and stretches that can be recommended by a first-rate foot and ankle doctor.

You Experienced a Fracture or Soft Tissue Tear

Foot and ankle fractures often require the type of specialized care that can be provided by the best foot and ankle doctor in Los Angeles. Top-notch foot and ankle specialists often have access to some of the latest equipment that’s needed to evaluate the extent of a fracture or soft tissue tear. Ankle sprains should be assessed right away since there are varying grades of a sprain that range from mild to severe. Tendon tears can be just as problematic if not diagnosed and treated since foot/ankle stability can be affected.

You Have Diabetes

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you may be referred to the best foot and ankle doctor in Los Angeles for regular foot exams so potential problems can be detected early. The potential risk with diabetes is that a lack of sensation caused by diabetic nerve damage may result in sores or other foot irritations going undetected.

Simply being referred to the best foot and ankle doctor in Los Angeles doesn’t mean surgery will be your only option. In fact, getting an accurate diagnosis for a foot or ankle problem may increase your odds of responding well to non-surgical treatments, such as the use of various medications or custom orthotics. Your goals will also serve as a basis for treatment recommendations. For instance, athletes looking to remain competitive for upcoming events or competitions may be more inclined to opt for surgery during the off-season to increase their odds of regaining their previous foot/ankle flexibility and strength.

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