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Feet and ankles rarely get a chance to get all that much rest. After all, it’s hard to avoid doing things involving these two particular parts of your body for too long. While some minor aches and pains affecting these structures can be managed or treated successfully with over-the-counter remedies that may include topical creams or pads, there are times when symptoms are severe enough to require a visit to the best foot and ankle clinic in Los Angeles. Here’s what you can expect when visiting a facility specializing in foot and ankle care.

Input from Multiple Specialists

It usually only takes one foot and ankle specialist to diagnose and treat issues such as bunions, corns and calluses, or toenail fungus (onychomycosis). However, it can be helpful to get additional input from other specialists at the best foot and ankle clinic in Los Angeles when dealing with recurring ankle sprains, foot or toe deformities, or plantar fasciitis that’s not responding well to initial treatment.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing

Some foot deformities, like hammertoe or mallet toe, are fairly easy to diagnose. But if you have a severe ankle or foot fracture that’s not healing or flat feet (pes planus) that may be contributing to other foot-related problems, you’ll likely benefit from the diagnostic resources available at the best foot and ankle clinic in Los Angeles. A condition such as Achilles tendonitis may also be better diagnosed with an MRI or CT scan to determine the extent of soft tissue damage.




Personalized Treatment Recommendations

Being referred to the best foot and ankle clinic in Los Angeles doesn’t necessarily mean surgery will be recommended. What you can, expect, however, is a personalized treatment plan based on a thorough evaluation of your foot and/or ankle issues. For example, if you have chronic ankle instability, your treatment plan might include a combination of medication, bracing, and physical therapy to help strengthen ankle-supporting muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Even if you have a painful condition like Morton’s neuroma that’s affecting the ball of your foot and your ability to walk or stand comfortably, surgery may be avoided if you respond well to corticosteroid injections or a series of alcohol sclerosing injections. Some foot conditions also respond well to custom orthotics, which are designed to take pressure off of certain parts of your feet while also providing sufficient support.

Foot and Ankle Surgery That’s Often Less Invasive

For times when foot or ankle surgery is necessary, a clinic specializing in foot and ankle care is likely to be capable of offering surgery performed with minimally invasive techniques, when appropriate, and comprehensive foot/ankle surgical care that includes follow-up therapy. Common foot and ankle procedures that may be performed in less invasive ways include:

  • Bunion and metatarsal bone surgery
  • Plantar fascia release
  • Ankle fusion or replacement
  • Soft tissue/bone removal (osteotomy) for severe hammertoe
  • Tendon transfers

The best foot and ankle clinic in Los Angeles is also where you may go if you have conditions like diabetes that tend to affect feet and ankles. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete hoping to remain competitive, an older adult looking to stay active, or just someone looking to go about your daily

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