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If you have tried everything from stretches, wide shoes and splints to relieve the pain from your bunions, it may be time to pursue more options with your doctor. If a bunion continues to cause you pain and suffering, your doctor is going to recommend bunion surgery. While the thought of recovering from a bunion surgery seems like it will be tough, it can be quick and easy if you plan properly alongside the best bunion surgeon in Los Angeles.

Surgical Bunion Removal Options

When conservative methods stop working or don’t offer you the relief you are looking for, surgery can significantly help. Surgery is only recommended by the best bunion surgeon in Los Angeles if your bunions cause frequent pain or start to interfere with your day-to-day activities. There are multiple surgical procedures your doctor can choose from. The technique chosen will depend on your specific circumstances.

Procedures for bunion surgery may include:

  • Removing a portion of the big toe to straighten it
  • Removing the tissue around your big toe joint that is swollen
  • Permanently joining the affected joints
  • Straighten the abnormal angle of your big toe joint by realigning the long bone located in the back of your foot and your big toe

While full recovery of a bunion surgery takes weeks to months depending on the procedure used, most patients are able to walk on their foot right away following the surgery. To prevent the bunion from recurring, it is important to wear proper shoes while recovering. Narrow shoes should be avoided.




Preparing For Your Bunion Surgery

Before your bunionectomy is scheduled, you will need to speak with your best bunion surgeon in Los Angeles about how best to prepare for the surgery. Along with preparing for the surgery itself, you will need to plan ahead for your recovery as well. This involves preparing your home for the recovery process and arranging a support system to call on if you need to.

Things To Consider Preparing Before Your Surgery:

  • Stock your pantry and refrigerator with food.
  • Have ice packs in your freezer ready to be used. Your best bunion surgeon in Los Angeles will recommend not putting ice in bags. They can leak and get your bandages wet. It is best to use disposable or reusable ice packs during your recovery.
  • Have a few meals prepared in advance for the first few days of recovery.
  • Place your commonly used items in places that are easy to reach.
  • Have extra sets of pillows ready to prop your leg up after surgery.
  • Have your pain medications filled at the pharmacy before your surgery day.

Will Anesthesia Be Required For Bunion Surgery?

In order for your bunionectomy to be performed properly, some form of anesthesia will be required. For many procedures, the surgery will be performed under an ankle block anesthesia. This will keep your whole foot numb during the surgery. However, you will be awake during the process. Spinal or general anesthesia is used occasionally in certain circumstances.

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