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Bunions can be very painful to experience. They are bony bumps located on the base of the big toe. The bony mass will form a union with your first metatarsal foot bone. When you have a bunion, the big toe will point towards the second toe and is considered a foot deformity that consists of both soft tissue and bone. If a patient has tried many at-home conservative methods of treatment that were unsuccessful, the best bunion doctor in Los Angeles may suggest bunion surgery. The surgical removal of bunions is also referred to as a bunionectomy or hallux valgus correction.

Many people are afraid to have a bunionectomy because they are afraid the recovery time will be too difficult and disrupt their lives. However, the key to bouncing back quickly will greatly depend on how well you prepare for the surgery in advance. Below are some tips on how to properly prepare yourself for bunion surgery with the best bunion doctor in Los Angeles. Following these tips ahead of time will ensure your recovery will be quicker and go smoothly.

Make A Detailed List

Creating a list before your surgery of what you will need for your recovery can make the whole process easier on yourself. The best bunion doctor in Los Angeles may suggest things such as crutches to help you get around. You may also choose to use a walking cane. Be sure to add any questions to your list that you may have for your doctor before your surgery day. The more prepared you are about the surgery process, the easier it will be to get through.

Follow Doctor’s Pre-Surgery Instructions

It is important to follow any pre-surgery instructions the best bunion doctor in Los Angeles gives you. If you need to get blood tests, get them scheduled quickly to leave enough time for your doctor to receive your results. If you need to gather any medical records, gather them from your other doctors before your next appointment so your doctor may study them. Additionally, your instructions may include restrictions on food and medications before the surgery to follow.




Make Arrangements

The arrangements you make following your surgery are crucial to the recovery process. Ask ahead of time for an appropriate amount of time away from work and reschedule any events you have planned. Ask a friend or loved one to take you home following your surgery and find someone to stay with you for the first few days, if possible.

Create Recovery Space

Before heading to your surgery, create a recovery area in your home. Have everything you will need nearby so you can access it easily. Things to have near you include pillows, medications, cell phone, television remote and anything else to help you remain relaxed and comfortable. Be sure your pantry and refrigerator are fully stocked with enough food to last you at least a week while having to remain at home. The more you prepare your home for after your surgery, the easier recovery will be on you.

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